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A complete overview of the activities of Kazan Tachimoto's Performing Solo project since 2011.

2022.2.24 -2.26 
inferno@kazan, チラシ,演劇

Performing Solo《Hell Series》 - Vol. 2
'Dogra ∞ Kazan ∞ Magra'

Fetus ...... Does the foetus dream?
Bravely jump up, stand on your head, somersault. Foxtrot, giddanda, step.
Sing the triumphant song of freedom from the tyranny and tyranny of the brain marrow from ancient times to the present,...... the last superstition of mankind.
Of all the dreams of ancestral evolution that the human foetus comes to see in its mother's womb, the one it sees the most must be the nightmare...

Original story: Kyusaku Yumeno
Composed, directed and performed by Tatemoto Natsuyama
Mentor: Naoto Iina
Music and performance: Jinya Imai HAJIME KOJIRO

Theatre: 3331 Arts Chiyoda B104
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2021.10.22 - 10.24
inferno@kazan, チラシ,演劇

700 years after Dante's death

[Abandon all hope of passing me by...]

What will happen when Dante, exiled from his native Florence, encounters the Hell of the Divine Comedy, which he spent his life writing in order to survive in the midst of his difficult life, and the Body, which is living in the Hell of today? What does it mean to see "Hell" now?

Based on Dante's "Divine Comedy, Inferno", translated by Hirakawa Masahiro and others.

Direction: Nobusuke Kashima

Film: Naoto Iina

Music: Kota Nakazato

Theatre: 3331 Arts Chiyoda B104

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2019.4.13 - 2020.3.23

12 consecutive months of performances

▼ 2019
Apr ''Memoirs of a Basement'' Fyodor Dostoevsky
May ''Gypsy Songs'' Garcia Lorca
Jun ''Ode to the Sea'' Fernando Pessoa
July ''The Reclining Manuscripts''  Shiki Masaoka Shiki
August ''To Farewell to the Judgement of God'' Antonin Artaud
September "Piki piki natsuyama no donbara daihoso ♡" Takiya Kuwahara 
October ''The Sorrows of Young Werther'' Goethe
Nov ''Seasons of Hell'' - Artur Rimbaud
December "Myself" Vladimir Mayakovsky
▼ 2020
Jan "Machu Picchu Summit" Pablo Neruda
February "Lee Geng Sun" Shuji Terayama
Mar "Geetanjali" Rabindranath Tagore
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'Chieko Sho'

Chieko Sho is Kotaro's love language.
Written over a period of about 30 years, from Kotaro's first encounter with Chieko, through their love affair, marriage, battle with illness, bereavement and afterwards, the psalms are filled with a life-long feeling that cannot be found in temporary love letters or love stories.
Love is very difficult to grasp in this day and age. There are so many different values and forms of love. People often say, 'I don't know what love is' or 'I don't need to get married'. Such words are often heard.
It is precisely because we live in such an age that Kotaro's pure gaze on his partner and his boundless passion for his wife must be meaningful.

26 Feb (Mon) 19:00
27 Tue (Tue) 14:00 / 19:00
28 Sun (Wed) 14:00 / 19:00
After the performance, there will be an after-talk.
26 (Mon) 19:00 Hisamitsu Tani (Journalist), Aimi Saito (Ballet instructor)
27th (Tue) 14:00 Kuwabara Takiya (Poet)

3331Arts Chiyoda
11-14, Sotokanda 6-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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2015.10.16 - 18

"Ode Marítima"

Why do I shed tears and ask you? 
Why do I talk to you and love you? 
Why does it upset my heart when I see you?

Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) was one of Portugal's leading poets. He created a number of aliases and left many poems with a different style for each alias. His work continues to fascinate people, artists and cultural figures from all over the world. One of Pessoa's aliases is "Ode Marítima", a long poem by Alvaro de Campos about the sea. In order to always be original, Tatemoto Natsuyama, who pursues a fusion of dance and theatre, presents this work at 3331 Arts Chiyoda on the theme of the sea, people, light and shadow.
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'To part with the judgement of God.'

A one-man play about French poet, thinker and theatre-maker Antonin Artaud, whose work has had a profound influence on contemporary theatre, To Farewell to Divine Judgement, written as a radio drama in 1948 and not broadcast until 1973 due to its radical content.

Artaud's own radical experiences, isolation in mental hospitals and Nazi-occupied France gave rise to his unique perspective on humanity. What kind of human being emerges from the words he left behind...
2014.5.10 - 12

'Nijinsky's notes.'

Created by Václav Nijinsky
Composed, directed and performed by Kazan Tachimoto
Dramaturg Ihara Sota

Nijinsky was a genius ballet dancer who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. His words had an impact on me living in 2014. About family, work, sex, politics, dance and the words 'I am God'. In those words, I see his own intense ''now''. How can my body be when I face it...?
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