Kazan Tachimoto


'Ideal Project vol. 3: Web distribution project'

The symposium will be followed by a discussion between Viktor Nijeliskoi, who is also active as a director of physical expression for actors in Russian theatre, and Erika Miwa, who studied theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Royal Opera House in the UK and is currently active as a director and actor in Japan, as well as theatre director of the Sengawa Theatre in Chofu City and deputy secretary-general of the Japan This is a programme to discover the possibilities of the body with Toshihiko Kashiwagi, a director who supports the Japanese theatre world behind the scenes in his role as Deputy Secretary General of the Directors' Association of Japan.


◎Anton Chekhov's 'Three Sisters'

Physical performance

Director: Victor Nijereskoi

Performers: Masako Shirakawa, Mana Nakamura, Yoshie Nakamura

A two-hour workshop will be held in the morning on the day of the performance. The performance will be based on a play, but without words, using only the body.

◎Anton Chekhov, The Seagull, excerpts, rehearsal

Directed by Viktor Nijereskoi

Translation: Erika Miwa

Actors: Erika Miwa, Kazan Tachimoto, Toshihiko Kashiwagi

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Russia×Japan Idealproject vol.2

'Two, on the cliff.'
-From Dostoevsky 'idiot' - Noh version.

Based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Directed and performed by.
Victor Nijereskoi, Kazan Tachimoto, Fukushima Azusa

Performed by: Jinya Imai
Co-director: Toshihiko Kashiwagi 
Production: Kiaru Ichikawa
Organiser: Kazan office.

Ballet T.E.D Performance & Symposium

19 December (Sun) from 13:30
Venue: Chofu Green Hall, Small Hall

Sakaiki PLAY-ACTVol.11 

25 December from 11:30/15:30
Theatre: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Atelier West 
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Russia×Japan Idealproject vol.1

'Two, on the cliff.'
-From Dostoevsky 'idiot'-

Original Story: Fyodor Dostoevsky  
Direction and Cast:Viktor Nizhelyskoi, Kazan Tachimoto
Performed by:Alexander Bieselov 
Co-director:Toshihiko Kashiwagi 
Publicity illustrations: Chieko Hara ( chienoix )
Advertising art: usupera
Stage Editor: Ihara Amekusa 
Production: Kiaru Ichikawa 
Cooperation: The Zero Movement
Support: HATENABAKO Corporation, Japan Dance Science Academy, Chuo Trading Co.
Organiser: Kazan office.
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2017.3.24 / 3.25

'Our organless bodies'.

A physical improvisation performance based on Antonin Artaud's phrase 'our bodies without organs'.
The body is not bound by anything, it is faithful only to the body, sometimes betraying the body and soaring to any extent.

Thinking about the body means thinking about human beings. Where will human beings go from here, and who are they?

Date and time of performance
24 Mar 19:30-
25 Mar 14:00- 19:00-

Cast: Taijiro Tamura, Kazan Tachimoto

Theatre: Terpsichore