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Milan, Italy - the show's over!

Kazan Tachimoto Solo Play

A man comes home from work. Quiet room. He takes out his smartphone and looks at it.
A repetitive routine, a life with no clear future.

To live better...

The words of Dante's Inferno overlap with the man's life. Suddenly, the man passes through the gates of hell.

What happens when Dante, who was banished from his homeland, meets the man who spends his life writing Hell and the man who lives in the present-day Hell? What is it like to see 《Hell》 now?

Based on Dante's The Divine Comedy, Inferno, translated by Yukehiro Hirakawa et al.

Direction: Nobusuke Kashima

Videographer: Naoto Iina

Cast: Kazan Tachimoto IGNIS DE ORNIS - Hideto Okuzawa Ayumi Siraisi

Music: Kota Nakazato
Sound: JIn Takemoto

Costume: Kaori Kaneda (undaily gate)
Surface Design: Takashi Inada

Producer:Kiaru Ichikawa
Advisor : Kaoru Kumagai

Organized by Kazan office. Co., Ltd.


1 Feburary 21:00

2 Feburary 21:00

Teatro No`hma(Milan)