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Maria Khoreva Open Stage Lesson

Maria Khoreva, the first soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet, who is attracting worldwide attention as a dancer with amazing physical ability and rich expressive power, will visit Japan. She will reconstruct her valuable lessons and variations from her new work "Swan Lake" based on the images of the four elements of the world (fire, wind, water, and earth). The live violin performance and fantastic lighting will weave a unique world. Performed at the Shinjuku Bunka Center Main Hall.

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English Speaking Section of the International Theatre Institute Japan Centre
From Ireland✈ Monogatari on Conflict and Reconciliation: three works by contemporary emerging writers and the mother of Irish theatre
▼ Overview.
The English Speaking Group of the ITI Japan Centre took the lead in presenting the Japanese premiere of Lady Gregory, the mother of Irish theatre 100 years ago, and a work by Sonia Kelly, an up-and-coming contemporary writer.

Programme A 
Written by Augusta Lady Gregory Directed by Erika Miwa
The Two Who Can't Get Out Translation: Atsuko Ishii
Performed by: Mihoko Fujita, Mao Suda, Masanori Kikuzawa
When the Moon Rises Translation: SAITO Kenshi
Cast: Masahiko Tanaka, Daisuke Oyama, Mao Suda, Masanori Kikuzawa

Programme B 
Written by Sonia Kelly Directed by Atsuko Aoyagi
Waltz on the Bridge Translation: Ishikawa Mai
Cast: Hideki Tanaka, Mayumi Ichitani, Takanobu Kaneko

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TSUKAI ~Messenger from LUNA~

The latest work by IGNIS DE ORNIS, led by Hideto Okuzawa, who has been a member of the world-famous performance group Cirque du Soleil for 14 years and has moved over 8 million people. The newest work by IGNIS DE ORNIS, led by Hideto Okuzawa, who has impressed more than 8 million people in his 14 years at Soleil, will present a more evolved view of the Japanese world with the addition of music, lighting, and stage design.

Direction/Composition: Hideto Okuzawa
Performed by Ayumi Shiraishi, Tomohiro Morita, Shinji Amano, Hideto Okuzawa

Music by Tomoo Nagai, Jinya Imai, DJ Rory


Theater: Nagame entertainment hall (Gunma, Japan) / Uchikoza (Ehime, Japan)

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Silk Road Noh Theatre
The myth of the discarded princess 'Varitegisinfa'

A collaboration of an original script based on the 'Myth of Princess Bali', a representative work of shamanistic mythology (shamanism) handed down in Korea since ancient times, a production inspired by Noh theatre, music and dance from the Silk Road of Eternity, and dance, music and narrative based on first-class techniques of classical performing arts in Japan and Korea. A lecture workshop on Korean mythology, music and Silk Road music will accompany the performance. Performed at Kanze Noh Theatre in Ginza.

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Silk Road Nohgakukai


JINREI NOH RAKU Creative Noh Drama
'Momijigari '   'Salome'

▼ Overview.
This original dance-drama bridges the boundaries between various styles of expression, based on the popular Noh play 'Momijigari' with its spectacular development. A unique sound world is spun out through a mix of contemporary music such as violin and guitar and traditional music such as tsuzumi and khoomei.

The company will also take Oscar Wilde's masterpiece Salome, which was published in France at the end of the 19th century and shocked audiences with its immoral content, and turn it into a highly physical Noh play, combining drama, sword fighting, kyogen and Noh dance.

This is a new challenge for Jinrei Nohraku to find a form of 'performing arts' that transcends culture, borders and time. Performed at the Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre in Shibuya.

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Jinrei Nohraku


Korean traditional 'song, dance and music'
'Autumn Night' '추야'

▼ Overview.
The world of Korean traditional performing arts with a long history on a cool autumn evening. In the post-Corona era, Korean traditional 'song, dance and music' performed by talented artists active at home and abroad. Come and enjoy traditional performing arts with the souls of the people in their hearts. Performed at Meguro Persimon Hall.

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Venue management, publicity and production administration on the day of the event.


Tchaikovsky Dialogue.
~ 1220 letters exchanged with von Meck ~

▼ Summary.
A concert combining reading, ballet and orchestra that unravels the story of the birth of a masterpiece between a great musical genius and his long-time supporter, Mrs von Meck, through their 1,220 correspondence over 14 years.

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Venue management on the day of the concert and administrative support for concert production.


Russian Ballet Masterpieces Concert

▼ Overview.
Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty An orchestral concert of Tchaikovsky ballet music presented by ballet producer Andrei Orlov and conductor Nobuki Okumura.

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Venue management on the day of the concert and concert production administrative support.


Tokyo Minato City 'After School Diversity Dance'

▼ Overview.
Children learn a wide range of dances, from street dance to national and international traditional dances, in a workshop format, and also try their hand at choreographing and creating based on these dances. The instructors are mainly people who live in the area where the workshops are held and are involved in various dances (ADD calls them "local seniors").

after-school diversity dance (external website)

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'The Cassowary Classroom'.

▼ Overview.
Since 2012, Office Cottone has staged a number of Masanori Otakeno's works in Tokyo. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of his death. As a culmination of this, we are planning various projects under the title "Performances to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Masanori Otakeno's Death".

This fourth production, similar to Masanori Otakeno's 'Night, Nak, Bird', is based on the actual 2002 serial insurance money murders of four female nurses, and is set in Miyazaki, Kyushu, and presents a detailed psychological portrayal of the more closed relationships between the women that led them to commit the crimes. 

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MERGE vol.5

▼ Overview.
Selected by Arisa Kusumi, a choreographer active in contemporary Japanese dance.
A special project in which artists selected by Arisa Kusumi, a choreographer active in contemporary dance in Japan, will gather. By transcending the genres of dance, film, music and art and integrating them, this is a performance show with a new sensation that cannot be achieved by each genre on its own. During the performance period, an exhibition will be held in a gallery set up in the venue.

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Planning and production, DM design order, technical order for projectors etc., day-of-performance management.
MERGE vol.3,チラシ



▼ Overview.
This is a new kind of performance show that combines a dance showcase by up-and-coming Japanese butoh dancers with a screening of international video art works based in New York. The focus is on the chemical reactions that arise from the merge of different artistic mediums, sensual and physical expression.

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Planning and production, DM design orders, technical orders for projectors etc., day-of-performance management.


『GARMOSHKA 冬のコンサート~ロシアの宝箱~』

▼Outline of the concert
In 2011, GARMOSHKA, the only professional Russian folk music and dance ensemble in Japan consisting entirely of Russians, gave its first winter concert. "GARMOSHKA" is an ensemble that performs on stage, in concerts, on radio and TV programmes and in UNESCO music projects.

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Planning and production, DM design order, technical order for projector and other equipment, day-of-performance management.